Rule #2: Lunch should be interesting. Always.

Shouldn’t it?  I had a funny encounter in my office pantry the other day with a girl who actually looked sad while opening the fridge to grab her lunch.  Meanwhile, she smelled my homemade chicken & couscous soup heating up and said, “Mmmmm that smells amazing!” to which I replied, “Thanks! It is, and I made it myself! So easy!”

She went on to explain how she was trying to save time and money, which I suppose for her translated into storing a loaf of plain white bread and prepackaged cold cuts in the fridge. But she admitted that she did not look forward to lunch and her slabs of cold cut turkey between slices of bread was rather boring. I write this for any who sympathize and relate with that young lady.

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Rule #1: Add color to your plate

So of course I had to make this Rule #1 as it was the rule that named this blog after all.  But, listen to this rule please.  It will change your life.  It will make you smile. It will cause your tummy to grumble with longing and then to be filled with happiness.  Colors do that for you.

On a more serious note, adding color to your plate (no fake colors please), means adding variety which generally makes a dish more exciting.  It also most likely involves including veggies, which we all know are good for your health and range from a beautiful spectrum of hues. Green has always been my favorite color, and I try to incorporate it into my meals everyday.  When cooked right, vegetables and roots can really brighten any plate with vibrancy and flavor.

What colors will you splash your plate with today?