Rule #3: Be daring.

Come on. Don’t be scurred. If you’ve never seen it before, ask what it is, then ask if it’s edible and delicious. Then, eat it! Just once at least. If you don’t like it, you never have to try it again. OR you can figure out a way to make it the way you would like it.

Featured in the above is something called Romanesco. I had seen it many times at the Farmer’s Market but always just passed by that alien looking thing and grabbed the good old safe kale instead. Finally one day I asked: “What is this?!” The man at the stand told me it was a cross between broccoli and cauliflower and that it was absolutely full of flavor. He sold me on it. So I bought two heads and sautéed them the way I would broccoli or cauliflower,and guess what? The dude was right, it was indubitably delectable (read with frowned face and nose pointed upward) indeed!

The reason I share this little anecdote is because too often do I hear about people being unwilling to try anything new…out of fear. If you genuinely like eating the same stuff over and over again, that’s fine! But if you’re sticking to what you know because you’re scared of what you don’t know, then I’m writing this for you.

Don’t be a wuss. Have some guts and take a bite of something you’ve always skipped over but always wondered about.  What will it be?  Raw fish?  Snake? Wildebeest? Tripe?? A green scary looking vegetable resembling alien food *ahem*?

Whatever it is, just give it a shot.  Then pat yourself on the back because you will have just done yourself a huge favor in expanding your palate.

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