It’s been more than a year since I’ve posted anything and when my card was recently hit with the yearly WordPress renewal fee, I was reminded of my bane – never seeing any commitment through that I make.

I also realized that although I’ve been cooking my way through life all along, my routine had become less interesting and uninspired.

I started looking through screenshots of beautiful food photography I had saved in the past and missed the days when I’d meal plan on Sundays for the whole week. While that may have been a naive notion a few years ago, I still found myself yearning to have an element of that in this present life. So, I’ve decided to make this notion more attainable for myself and pick just one “new” thing to try making once a week, instead of for every single meal.

I therefore begin with what seems easiest to me: copying.

Here I copy Pret A Manger’s breakfast Egg & Quinoa pot. And I improvise it to my liking:

  • I don’t like Quinoa so I replace it with bulgur.
  • I also am very particular about hard boiled eggs, so I ensure the yoke is beautifully yellow with zero hint of green.
  • Unfortunately my avocado wasn’t ripe the day I made this dish, but it will be when I make it again!

This post is meant to show how incredibly easy it is to make something without a written recipe.

All you have to do is copy what’s been done and tweak it to your version!

2 responses to “Be a Copycat”

  1. Leilani Avatar

    That is wonderfully simple! 🙂


  2. Making Real Simple’s Pistachio Pesto Risotto My Own – Color To Your Plate Avatar

    […] the restrictions before them. I reflected on my not-so-recent-anymore goal (see my last post July 2019) of committing to making something new once a week and realized I had basically achieved that goal […]


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