Breakfast: Eggs, Coffee, and …Salad?

When it comes to raw or cooked veggies, I always tend to prefer cooked. I love them roasted, grilled, sautéed but don’t usually extend the same affection toward them when raw.

But beautiful vibrant photos of breakfast salads have been appearing in all the magazines I love and the notion has been making its way into my heart, so I’ve been waiting for an opportunity of a slow Sunday to attempt this for myself and Dan.

But excuses can be endless when one is lazy:

  • I need to make my own dressing? Ugh I need all the ingredients then
  • Ugh I need to wash and chop up the lettuce

Needless to say this salad took a long time to appear on the Baldessari breakfast table.

But finally, after over a year of enduring a Trader Joe’s-less life (since March 11, 2020 to be exact), last week I finally had the opportunity to return to the place I most love and bought all the things I needed for this salad (and more). In essence, Trader Joe’s makes this seemingly elaborate breakfast salad a (healthy) piece of cake and removed all the ugh’s from my vocabulary.

Key ingredient: Trader Joe’s Green Goddess Salad Dressing
(pictured here is a different salad than the one I’m writing about; thank God for TJ’s Green Goddess Dressing which got me to eat salad for lunch too)

I followed an old pinned recipe for poaching eggs which took all of 4 minutes – pretty much the exact amount of time you need to grab a handful of TJ’s Wild Arugula, peel some organic carrots, and slice some cherry tomatoes into a bowl.

I drizzled some of the Green Goddess onto the salad and then my poached egg on top of that. My final touch was some freshly cracked TJ’s Rainbow Peppercorn.

I am now a believer in breakfast salads.

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