Because I’m unable to workout for a few weeks, I am now delving even more of my day’s decompression into the kitchen. There’s something about working with my hands after a day of screens, and something about not needing to say a word but to let stirring and chopping be my vocabulary, that I find so therapeutic.

And perhaps the bubbling of soup is what I found especially therapeutic today after much mental, physical and emotional exhaustion.

Nourishment and a warm soul promised itself to me while I toiled happily for this Lemon Chicken Orzo Soup. As usual I changed a few things around:

  • Since I was using 1.25 lbs chicken instead of 1.5, I used a lot less chicken broth. I always prefer to eye the amount instead of following what a recipe says because you may not need as much as is recommended. In my case I ended up using only a little over 4 cups.
  • I’m also glad I went with my instinct on cooking the chicken for a lot less time. I did put the breasts in whole, brought it to a boil, and then simmered mostly covered for 15 min (per the recipe). But at this point I took out the chicken and am so glad I did because it was 100% cooked! Chicken breast is super easy to overcook so you really need to watch it. I think I could’ve reduced the simmer time even more honestly. So I didn’t end up adding the chicken back into the soup until the end, minutes before serving.
  • Next time I will use skinless chicken thighs instead (thighs before breasts ANY day…when it comes to chicken at least!)
  • I didn’t have Italian seasoning – I am not sure I even know what that is, but I did use a bit of Trader Joe’s Italian Sofrito and a sprinkle of my favorite Saratoga Olive Oil Co. Garlic Salt
  • I cooked the orzo for 15 min in the soup instead of 10 – this could be due to the fact my oven is old (from previous owner) and does not seem to flame consistently. But at 10 min the orzo was still rather hard.
  • I used 3/4 of a freshly squeezed lemon (I love 🍋)!

It was homey, comforting, and brightening on a day I really needed it. I do thank God for the ways my soul can find such soothing through a good bowl of soup.

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