I don’t know how to stop puréeing. At first I did it because I was too cowardly to go the BLW (baby led weaning) route. I found myself buying Serenity Kids pouches but these are just too expensive to be sustainable as a daily source of food for my baby on my budget.

So I got myself a Nutribullet Blender about 2 months ago and have been blending ever since. And you know me – I want to make my food good, like really good even if it’s for a baby. So I do my sautéing or my roasting and I like to add in seasoning like thyme and even black pepper, and I like to experiment with combinations. And if it tastes yummy to me, it passes my test for baby!

Puréeing is a pain in the butt the day you do it because I find myself baking salmon, cutting up onions, sautéing them with baby spinach and peas, then cooking up potatoes in the instant pot. And THEN blending them with low sodium chicken broth (Trader Joe’s). And then measuring individual portions out. It’s a lot of work and I always think to myself “why am I still doing this” but then when the work week starts, I’m thankful to myself because I don’t have time to cook for myself or my husband and definitely not for my baby, but his purée is already prepared!

Mid-week this week (aka yesterday), I cut up brussels sprouts, carrots and zucchini and roasted them all together – the blend was actually delicious and quite strong on the brussels sprout side but my baby seemed to love it!

Plus, when you have a beautiful wooden bowl for your baby like that (gift from a good friend who is also a Mama), how can you not want to make something beautiful and worthy to be held in?

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