Hi!  Welcome to Color To Your Plate – a blog I started out of love for good homemade food that’s easy and fun to make, especially with jazzy music in the background.  I find myself constantly thinking about food – what to make, what new things to try, and how to make an eye-appealing dish.

You won’t find recipe bound posts here.  Instead, you will find inspiration of ideas on flavors, fresh produce, and other great chefs’ recipes that have personally inspired me.  This blog came to be by a desire to make meals my own – freedom from needing to follow step-by-step instructions and instead the offer of openness to creativity.  For me, it’s always been about: new, delicious, bursting good flavor, and of course – color.  I hope you enjoy browsing through my meals and that you have a blast creating your own.

~Sharon Baldessari

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