Who Are You, Sharon?


Actually, I’m a nobody!  I mean, not a nobody, but not anybody special. I’m a woman living in New York City with a full-time job, I’m happily married to a great guy, and – I love to cook (because I love to eat).

But I’m kind of picky. I get tired of same foods quickly, even if they’re good, so I’m constantly challenged with looking for New (and Easy).  This isn’t to say I never have the same meal twice. I have the same meal many times, but I don’t have it within the same 3 weeks generally.  Oh yeah, and I’m quite lazy.  Often, I don’t start cooking until I am home from the gym after work, so I’m beginning my meal prep at 8pm earliest (don’t learn this from me). To say the least, I’m often starving and hangry before dinner, and therefore my meals need to be quick, as effortless as possible, and deliciously satiating. (updated note for 2021: this was clearly written pre-COVID. I do start cooking by 7pm or earlier nowadays!)

The best part of cooking for me is that I get to enjoy the outcome of it with my best friend – my husband, who is also always excited for what will be served. We always pray together holding hands before our meal, thanking God for the awesome privilege of being able to eat well.  What a blessing indeed!

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