Soup Therapy

Because I’m unable to workout for a few weeks, I am now delving even more of my day’s decompression into the kitchen. There’s something about working with my hands after a day of screens, and something about not needing to say a word but to let stirring and chopping be my vocabulary, that I find so therapeutic.

And perhaps the bubbling of soup is what I found especially therapeutic today after much mental, physical and emotional exhaustion.

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Fancy cookware worth the splurge

I may have recently been overly into the theme of “Treat yo’ self” these days – but zero regrets on it so far!

About a year ago, I stayed at this absolutely charming luxury A-Frame near the Berkshires (but in NY) that had some NICE kitchen toys I fell in love with: a huge thick wooden cutting board (I’ve only ever had plastic) and a nice wide All-Clad skillet (the fanciest I’ve ever had was Calphalon).

staying in a dream 😴

Needless to say, the experience of cooking in that beautiful Airbnb using those wonderful tools never left my memory and I’d been since dreaming of not only returning to the cabin but also of someday owning my own wooden cutting board and All-Clad pan.

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